Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is breaking new ground.

Therefore, it is important to use the new techniques and methods. Get complete support for your business here. Keep track and connection:

Auf einem Tablet Computer schweben transparente Symbole, stellvertretend fuer Webdesign, Website, Content Management System, CMS, Redaktionssystem, Intranet, Extranet, Newslettersysteme, Internetseiten, Online Shop, Programmierung, Online, E-Mail- und Suchmaschinenmarketing

Social media for companies – advice and support

Optimization of existing and new websites, continuous keyword and traffic analysis, search engine and directory submission, search engine marketing (SEM), Google AdWords, online advertising, social media, target group specific texts, meaningful illustrations, photos, videos and downloads.Supervision of social media: writing and publishing suitable articles, evaluation and monitoring of the feedback.

  • Social media consulting and support for companies
  • An analysis will check the extent to which your company is ready for digital marketing, e-commerce and current innovation.
  • Current e-commerce strategies are reviewed, adapted and implemented if necessary.
  • E-business and classic business areas find alignment between offline and online business
  • Derivation of appropriate price and target group strategies
  • Implementation of new sales structures, for example via online shops
  • Development and coordination of training for sales
  • Interface management and integration of new processes between all departments as well as change management for the sustainable anchoring of new processes
  • Establishment of effective customer, prospect and partner relationship management