Interim Marketing

Interim Marketing Manager

Such interim marketing management offers many advantages for companies that either require marketing services only temporarily or merely want to position a specific project on a market-oriented basis.

Some companies are developing better than others

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Whether as an online marketing manager or interim director of marketing – I offer fixed price agreements and am available as an external advertising professional even in difficult business situations. Especially if the existing management can not or does not want to solve the tasks at hand alone. Or in situations where a company has been hit by a marketing slump, but otherwise it can do it on its own. Particularly fast and discreet in the large area of ​​Munich, Dachau, Augsburg and Ingolstadt:






  • Tasks for which no marketing site is provided
  • Projects for which only a one-time marketing budget is available
  • Bridging of personnel failures and temporary as
    Interim Marketing Director, Interim Marketing Director, Interim Marketing Manager or Interim Head of Marketing
  • Project-related, temporary supplementation of capacity in marketing
  • Specific marketing issues for which a company can not provide capacity in the long term
  • Tasks where marketing specialist knowledge is needed for more than a few consulting days
  • Review, promotion and correction of existing online appearances