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Marketing and operative advertisement

Your Marketing-Service for Dachau, Ingolstadt, Augsburg and Northern Munich Area

Marketing by Corporate Design: Collection of office material usually needed for Corporate Design: Letterhead, papes, blocs, business cards, stamps, cups, pencils and clips Digital Marketing: Above a tablet computer hovering transparent symbols, representing webdesign, website, content management system, CMS, intranet, extranet, newslettersystems, webpages, online shop, programming, online, E-Mail- and search engine marketing A collection of color palettes, colored pencils and color boxes show the diversity of the color systems and prove the necessary knowledge in the care of the various media.

As a marketing specialist and graduate designer, I offer expertise and creative services.

My education, many personal contacts and a lot of professional practice allow me to work professionally with colleagues and all relevant service providers. Through professional association with AGD I am well connected and can cover larger projects.

Working with professional tools and working with partners from all media sectors allows me to design well-founded marketing for companies, especially for the small and medium-sized sector.

You receive an offer from me from one source: I create, design, organize relevant services for you – and look after the execution of the finished product for you. I am flexible and like working with the companies of your choice.

Corporate Design

Advertising and marketing for small medium-sized businesses and SMEs

Successful advertising begins with the company’s appearance. The company logo (logo) is the central point of the CD (corporate design). As a designer, I design your overall appearance. I give your company, your orientation, your philosophy in the CD as best possible. And so you are perceived by your customers and target groups. As a result, your CD works from inside to the outside and also acts from the outside to the inside, thus shaping your company. Logo design is more than just creating a simple image character – it is the central point of your CI (corporate identity) – your company identity.

A collection of office material that usually is needed for corporate design: Letterpaper, letterhead, business cards, pencils, pape bloc, cup, stamp, clips

Advertising and marketing with a passion for SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises and SMEs

The development of a memorable, well-designed company appearance requires empathy and experience. Your company must be properly recognized – and carefully and properly represented. Your target group has to be addressed because the design should contribute to your economic success. And because only a comprehensive design covering all areas of the company can be effective, it is also understandable that the customer requirements vary according to their orientation.

It is important to align your company holistically to best serve your target groups.

  • Company logo
  • Business equipment, mailings and business cards
  • Web design and search engine optimization
  • Advertising in search engines, social media, radio, television and print media

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is breaking new ground.

Therefore, it is important to use the new techniques and methods. Get complete support for your business here. Keep track and connection:

Auf einem Tablet Computer schweben transparente Symbole, stellvertretend fuer Webdesign, Website, Content Management System, CMS, Redaktionssystem, Intranet, Extranet, Newslettersysteme, Internetseiten, Online Shop, Programmierung, Online, E-Mail- und Suchmaschinenmarketing

Social media for companies – advice and support

Optimization of existing and new websites, continuous keyword and traffic analysis, search engine and directory submission, search engine marketing (SEM), Google AdWords, online advertising, social media, target group specific texts, meaningful illustrations, photos, videos and downloads.Supervision of social media: writing and publishing suitable articles, evaluation and monitoring of the feedback.

  • Social media consulting and support for companies
  • An analysis will check the extent to which your company is ready for digital marketing, e-commerce and current innovation.
  • Current e-commerce strategies are reviewed, adapted and implemented if necessary.
  • E-business and classic business areas find alignment between offline and online business
  • Derivation of appropriate price and target group strategies
  • Implementation of new sales structures, for example via online shops
  • Development and coordination of training for sales
  • Interface management and integration of new processes between all departments as well as change management for the sustainable anchoring of new processes
  • Establishment of effective customer, prospect and partner relationship management


Webdesign and optimization

For young startup- as well as etsablished, large companies the company homepage became a central instrument within the marketing-mix. By online-shops and internetpresence no contact- and no customer requests are lost. With me as your webdesigner you will have good, professional webdesign.

A beautiful Company-Homepage sets yourself apart from the competition!

Gitarre Spielen Lernen
Ich geh leben, kommst Du mit?
MDT Möbel Design Technik
BoBC- Coaching & Consulting
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Photo Credits:
Löwenstatue am Seeufer © – Bengi /
Gitarre Spielen Lernen © – Andrea Berthold
Ich geh leben, kommst Du mit? © – Anita Zimmermann
MDT Möbel Design Technik © – Jörg Stehning
BoBC- Coaching & Consulting © – Bettina Bonkas

Webdesign for your website – individually created by the diploma-designer and prepared in such a way that you can update the content yourself without programming knowledge. CMS, Flash, PHP, database connection, SEO (search engine optimization), SEA (search engine marketing), SMO (social media optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) The necessary techniques have been realized and promoted, because I am always familiar with the latest trends and methods through many years of experience and continuous training.

Good Webdesign

  • Creation of Webpages, Homepagedesign, Websitebuilding
  • Relaunches – reworking and new designing of existing websites
  • Creative setup of online-shop-solutions
  • Adaption according your company’s design (Corporate ID)
  • Development of internet-Marketingstrategies
  • Product- or event-landingpages
  • Concept of newsletter
  • RSS integration
  • Individual programming
  • Intuitive usability
  • Responsive design