Weichser Frechdachs

Heraldic Animal Frechdachs of Weichs

Marketing with Frechdachs for Weichs

Redesign of transformer house at adventure playground in Weichs

Left to right: Josef Bestle (Bayernwerk), deputy mayor Martin Hofmann, creator of Frechdachs designer Armin Schöntag (in the Background) and the artists from ART-EFX after successful redesign of transformer house at adventure playground. (Foto: Heinz Nefzger)

Harald Mundl and Martin Hofmann presenting a large cornet of cardboard filled with sweets and little presents for first day at school with Frechdachs on it to Alexandra Wolff for taking office principal at primary school Weichs

Deputy mayor Martin Hofmann (Right) provided the idea of a Frechdachs-school-cone. Principal Alexandra Wolff is very pleased about this present. (Foto: Heinz Nefzger)